I have always wanted to start a blog something where I can share my awesome experiences with the world and sometime they could have the same feeling as mine.

Experiences I mentioned will be mostly about everything from Food..Fashion..Travel..Movies..Lifestyle and much more..

I dedicate my first blog to the city where I spent my awesome 8 years in..PUNE..

  • Amazing weather the one you will fall in love with.
  • You could be in midst of beaches, or hills, or simple scenic beauty in a matter of few kms.
  • Great food it fine dine or street food.
  • Young and Fashion smitten people all around (I love this)
  • Not to miss the night life with great night clubs.. lounges even greater night rides.

You need a nice bike and there you are ready to enjoy the life of PUNE. It’s cool and calm yet with a lot of energy.

For people of our age is one the best place to be in.. like-minded people around you.. There is never nothing to do in this city.. all you need is your set of fav people and you are to ready to hit the road.

For all you people humble request πŸ˜› to go and visit PUNE and experience its awesomeness. πŸ™‚

~ A song right for this happy feeling: Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time



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