Who is Me

My name is Shaina and if you wonder what it means it means what I am from the inside and out ~ Beautiful~


I am from an Army background and have stayed & visited many places all over India. Pune being my personal Fav [ Guess that’s evident from my first blog ; ) ] Here’s my Daddy’s Photo with “the famous” uniform 😛


Now coming back to sweet me 😉 I have done my MBA in Marketing and presently working in an automotive industry. OK now people have a “LOL” moment for a bit here’s a photo of me, mom & dad with MD of the company 😀


Anyway, My passion lies in complete different things than what I presently do (yeh! strange right 😛 ).. My passion is Fashion, Travel, Food, Movies, but mostly fashion. 

My eyes POP up at the site of clothes, shoes, accessories…etc ..etc.. 


My personal style is a mix of cute girl next door and kinda glam put together. I love to be comfortable in whatever I wear.

Beside Fashion I love exploring new places with my set of fav people, love watching movies and yes totally love American & UK TV shows.

I would be blogging about movies and tv shows soon enough.


I am a simple-hearted girl, you talk to me sweetly after a huge fight and there i would be all smiling..I love animals esp. Cats I adore them.. You love animals and I already love you 😉 

I am a true Taurean, Kind yet Fierce, stubborn yet easily melted at times, Would do anything for the people I care about and definitely you don’t want to be in my bad books .. (evil laugh hehe) 


And Oh yes!! I am definitely a health freak. My evening run & fruits is a must in my regime. I am a book full of home remedy hehe (All thanks to my mama).  

Now i shall catcha in my next blog.. keep looking!! 🙂

muaa xoxo!!





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