Fashion trend : Mix & Match

Fashion is what you make of it. It is every individual choice. It is a huge domain where people try out different things, they mix things jazz it up and the outcome is a creative outfit.

Mix and match of trends is quite in vogue and many people across cities try out very unique mix & match trends. Have a look at some the trendy look and a definite try..


This lady in the picture correctly teams up red pants with a monochrome printed shirt. she chooses to teams it up with beige colored coat and matching with the pants red neck piece. And, a similar colored pattern handbag to compliment. The coat definitely gives it a more sophisticated look.



Here the lady wears two contrasting color.. Red color top with blue skirt worn at a higher waist line. She put a bling to the outfit by wearing golden colored accessories which brings a lil glam to the look.

p.s. this is my personal fav. really feel its so much of a fun outfit 🙂


Now this is what i call style with comfort..This lady has kept it one tone the nude best part is the casual shoes ..its quite chic and a weekend outfit 🙂

Whatever may be yr outfit always make it a bit creative and wait for the head turns  :P..self creativity in your outfit makes it very  fashionable.



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